Art Camps – Where Kids and Creativity Rule!

Throughout each session, kids will explore a variety of artistic mediums which encourage a love of learning, independence, creative thinking, and artistic flow.
Studio owner, Jessica, and camp facilitator, Allison, will guide little hands, helping them make their own masterpieces while creating memories that last a lifetime. 
A little bit about Jessica
She is a Bob Ross enthusiast and nature lover
who adores camping and traveling.
Jessica enjoys playing board games with her family and
living her dream of owning an art studio.
Painting and 2D art is her passion.
A little bit about Allison
After graduating with a degree in secondary
education from Northern Michigan University,
Allison moved to Malawi, Africa as a
volunteer teacher with the Peace Corps.
She loves to travel and her favorite country visited
is Peru.
Allison is a bookworm with a passion for
social justice and is Jessica's favorite daughter.

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