9" L x 1"W x 1"H


Decorate and personalize this ceramic Mezuzah scroll holder. The Mezuzah scroll holder comes with mounting holes for the traditional Jewish practice of mounting a Mezuzah to door frames in your house. Don't forget to add a scroll with your favorite verses inside!


This item is best painted with BISQUE PAINT or GLAZE*. Please tell us which you prefer then select 5 colors to paint with. We will include 5 - 1/2 oz. containers of paint or glaze. We will include a 1 oz. containers of black for details, outling, or writing.


*While items painted with BISQUE PAINT have a semi matte finish and do NOT need to be returned to the studio, pottery painted with GLAZE need to be fired in our kiln for a shiny, food safe finish. If you select glaze, we will pick up your items once you are finished at your request. Once it is fired, we will redelivery your items to you within 2 weeks from date of pick up.

The Mezuzah