4?" Dia. x 6" H (20 ounces)


With each planter purchase, we will donate $10 to Planned Parenthood to honor and protect Justice Ginsburg's legacy.


Cocktail not included but highly recomended while painting your planter. 


4-6 ice cubes

3 ounces dark rum

1 ounce ginger liqueur or brandy

2 teaspoons orange juice

2-3 pinches ground cardamom

2 slices of orange

2 mint leaves, slightly crushed

Place 2-3 ice cubes in each of 2 glasses. Place the rum, brandy, orange juice and cardamom in a cocktail shaker or glass jar. Shake vigorously and pour equal amounts in the two glasses. Twist the orange slices slightly to extract a few drops more of orange juice into the liquid, then place the slice on the rim of the each glass. Place one slightly crushed mint leaf in each glass, stir and serve. Makes 2 (or one, depending on your mood)


This item is best painted with GLAZE*. Please tell us which you prefer then select 5 colors to paint with. We will include 5 - 1 oz. containers of glaze. We will include a 1 oz. containers of black for details, outling, or writing. IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE COLORS ON THE RGB PLANTER PICUTRED, SIMPLY TYPE "RGB" IN THE COLOR SELECTION FIELD.


*Pottery painted with GLAZE need to be fired in our kiln for a shiny, food safe finish. We will pick up your items once you are finished at your request. Once it is fired, we will redelivery your items to you within 2 weeks from date of pick up.

Face Planter