4 �" Dia. x 2 �" H


This bright and happy little bowl is not particularly functional, but it can brighten any space, from a kitchen counter to an office desk and even, obviously enough, a sunroom!


Sunflowers have long been the muse and fascination of artists. Vincent Van Gogh most famously represented these gorgeous plants in his work, but so did other artists like Diego Rivera, Alfred Gockel, and Paul Gauguin! 


This item is best painted with GLAZE*. Please tell us which you prefer then select 5 colors to paint with. We will include 5 - 1 oz. containers of paint or glaze. We will include a 1 oz. containers of black for details, outling, or writing.


*Pottery painted with GLAZE need to be fired in our kiln for a shiny, food safe finish. Once it is fired, we will redelivery your items to you within 2 weeks from date of pick up.

Perfect Sunflower Bowl