In this whirlwind of a year we moved from our permanent home on Madison Street to our spacious warehouse loft in the West Chicago suburbs and are pleased to announce because we just love packing and unpacking so much (😉) that we are officially moving back to a storefront retail space on 2655 North Harlem Ave. Our last day in our artist loft on 5339 W. Lake Street will be Saturday, December 18th. Please feel free to make a reservation and come paint with us until we pack up shop by simply responding to this email with a date and time you’d like to stop by. We will get back to you to confirm your appointment shortly after!


We will miss our bright loft space, but we are looking forward to having a space more easily accessible to our creatives and people passing by in 2022. We loved holding your splatter parties in the splatter tent, painting on canvas, having space to get crafty with pottery, mosaic, and fused glass. Besides moving, we have been busy helping you make holiday gifts for your loved ones and holding virtual events for businesses and various non-profits. Whether in person or on zoom, we cannot wait to create new projects with you all in 2022! 


This next year, we hope to bring you all more slothy, more harry pottery, more holiday themed, more funky events to make art your evening out - safely! We are still taking the pandemic seriously and wish to host your event in a way that best protects our family and yours. In our new studio we will follow all CDC and City of Chicago health guidelines. Masks will be required in the studio at all times as recommended by the CDC and the city of Chicago. 


Our official reopening is New Years Day! Woohoo! While we will NOT be hosting a party (thanks Omicron for ruining all our plans) we will be accepting drop-ins the entire week from Saturday, January 1st up through Sunday, January 9th. Check our website for additional details and information. Every group of three or more painters that drop-in during our official (unofficial) grand opening week will receive one free ceramic picture frame per group. This will be on a first come, first serve basis and picture frames will be gifted until we run out so get in here before they are gone! Additionally, we are happy to introduce our new Selfie Central Corner where we will have rotating murals as the perfect backdrop for your group photos. We cannot wait to show you our new space and to make art with you, stop by and say hi! If you aren’t able to make it back in the studio yet, but would like to in the near future, this link will help you purchase your gift card today :)


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have! We look forward to seeing you all in our storefront again, very very soon…


Creatively yours,

Jessica and Massimo



Why are you moving?

We are thrilled that our new studio home is more than double our current space which allows us to grow our Creativity Art Box business, delivering to local families while also allowing us to store materials to ship to families across the United States. In addition, Jessica will have a dedicated space to create and make art! When she opened her business over six years ago, she had the intention of re-exploring her passion for art. This past year has given her time to reflect on her original intentions and this move will help turn her dream into a reality.


Can I drop in and paint at your new location?

We have missed painting with you this past year, so sadly our new space will not be available for drop-in painting. However, once we get to the other side of this pandemic, we look forward to hosting families and small groups by appointment for both shopping and painting workshops. Additionally, I look forward to painting with you in new spaces and places, some of which we have partnered with before. While we do not know exactly when this will happen, we are hopeful that it will be safe to gather again in-person soon.


I have painted pottery that I purchased from your studio that is ready to be fired. How do I get my items fired?

Simply contact us or call at 312-848-4364 to arrange for a local pick up or drop off. We will fire your items and message you when they have been fired. We will also arrange for either pick up or redelivery of your fired pieces. 

I have fired pottery that I need to pick up? How do I pick up my items?

From 3/1/21 to 3/20/21 please pick up your items at 7512 Madison Street in Forest Park. We will continue to be in our Forest Park location Monday thru Saturday between 1pm to 6pm. We are often in the studio in the mornings too. Simply call Jessica at 312-848-4364 to arrange for an alternate time if 1pm to 6pm does not work for you. After our move on 3/20/21, your painted and fired items will be donated to local charities, with the exception of anything received or fired as of 1/20/21.

Will you have summer camp in 2021?

Sadly, no. After we get settled, we look forward to hosting summer camps in 2022. In the meantime, if your summer camp is looking for projects, we are happy to put together fun, unique art adventures that would be delivered right to camp. Please let us know if your kiddos camp may be interested and we will reach out.

I have a gift certificate. How do I use it?

Please give Jessica a call at 312-848-4364. We will find a solution to making art your day or night out from either your favorite venue or from the comfort of your home.


What will the new creativita studio and business offer?

We will continue to bring art to you, just in different spaces and venues. Do you have a favorite space that may want to have a painting night? Let us know. We are excited to partner with additional local businesses, hosting art events including but not limited to canvas painting, mosaic making, pottery painting, fused glass, silk scarf marbling, and more. 

I am interested in and have questions about Art Imagination Kits.

We are excited about our new option that will bring creativity all across the country. Please see our Art Imagination Kit tab for more information or contact us.

Will you call me when my piece is ready?

No. We will only call you if you forget to pick up your piece. 

What if I forget to pick up my canvas, pottery piece, or other personal item left in the studio?

We will give you a courtesy call to remind you of your piece, but after 60 days items may be donated to a local charity. 

Can you ship my finished pieces to me? 

Yes. For an additional $20 shipping and handling charge, we are happy to ship your item anywhere within the United States via USPS. For multiple items, there may be an additional charge. 

Can I use my pottery after I bring it home?

Absolutely! After we fire your pottery it is food safe and beverage safe. However we recommend that you hand wash your items.

Can we reserve the studio for our own private event?

For safety reasons we are not holding public nor private events in our studio. 

Can a creativita professional travel to our event?

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to travel offsite but are happy to host a virtual event via Zoom. Simply book online in order to book your virtual event today!

Do you hold Corporate Team Builders?

Absolutely! Contact us today and we will work with you to create a personalized, team bonding experience for all your team members. We currently offer virtual team building events or parties and team building experiences to-go. All supplies are included. Contact us and we will help plan your team builder today.