Our Mission

To bring creativity to people who may not consider themselves creative in any way. We do this thru products, services, and events. Creativity is for Everyone!

At Creativita we believe that creativity is an essential part of daily life; that it is a way of life. Creativity is not just for formal artists or people who have a fancy degree from art school. Creativity is not a highly technical subject only discussed in a language far removed from that used by the everyday person. Creativity is the authentic YOU! Creativity is about the process of making. Creativity is about the journey. Embrace the journey! Unleash your inner artist! Creativity is for everyone!

We Have a New Studio Home!!!

Effective April 1, 2021 Creativita will continue to offer many of the same things from our new creative home located at 5339 W. Lake Street in Chicago. We are excited to see you in our studio by reservation only. Once you select your projects from Art Ala Carte, simply select your preferred date and time to paint with us. We will follow up within 48 hours to confirm your reservation, providing details about our new location.